Friends – 50:50 Scheme

This initiative is an exciting step forward for Norfolk Orbital Railway fundraising. The scheme is run entirely in house with no external administration fees. This means that all the money raised goes towards supporting the Norfolk Orbital Railway with 50% going to the Norfolk Orbital Railway and 50% returned to subscribers as monthly prizes.

The annual entry fee will be £90.00. The subscriber will be entered into the monthly draw in the 3rd month after they have subscribed. For example, Subscriptions received in January will be entered into the draw in April. Provided subscriptions are renewed annually, the entry into the draw will continue monthly uninterrupted. If subscriptions are not renewed, then the entry will be terminated after the 9th month of entry. Of the monthly £10.00 entered, £5.00 will be donated to the Norfolk Orbital Railway and £5.00 will be entered into a monthly draw. There will be 3 prizes each month of 50%, 30% and 20% of the available prize pool. Obviously, the more people  who enroll into the scheme, the greater the prize pool and the more money is raised for the Norfolk Orbital Railway. In the event that the monthly prize pool is less than £100.00, no draw will take place for that month and the prize pool will be rolled over to the following month.

Winners will be announced monthly on the website and notified by Email, whereupon we will request their bank details so that we can pay them. Bank details will only be retained long enough to effect payment. Winners may also request payment by cheque if they prefer.


All payments can be made via our secure payment links to PayPal or our Credit Card payment platform.

Our bank details are provided on the Join Us and Supporters and Friends subscription pages of the website. 

We of course still welcome the more traditional payment methodology of a cheque sent to our headquarters as well.